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Pricing & Services
 Camera  Average Labor Charge
 Hasselblad Body Repair  $120
 Hasselblad Lens Repair  $125
 Hasselblad Film Back Repair  $75
 Mamiya RB67 Body Repair  $125
 Mamiya M645 Body Repair  $135
 35mm Camera Repair  $65 - $98
 Digital Camera Senson Cleaning*  $45

* - We clean digital camera sensors on both Internationally sold and U.S. cameras!

These estimates are NOT a direct price quote, as they are for labor only. Parts, if necessary, would be added to the final estimate. Prices may be subject to change after we have examined the equipment.

- No work will be done on any equipment UNTIL the estimate has been approved.
- If the camera is to be shipped, please add $25 to the final estimate to cover insurance, and shipping & handling fees.
- RUSH FEE: For rush jobs completed in 48 hours, or as soon as possible, there is an added charge of $40.

Repair Services
We will provide you with an estimate, usually within 48 hours. Our turn-around time on repairs is usually 7 - 10 days. However, due to many factors beyond our control (such as the possible need to order parts), some repairs may take longer.

A routine overhaul repair, or CLA (clean, lube, and adjust) includes the following:
- Disassembling of the equipment
- Cleaning out the lubricant, dust and dirt
- Re-lubricating the mechanisms
- Retiming the shutter and resetting the speeds
- Cleaning and adjusting flash synchronization contacts
- Checking and setting viewfinder focus and lens focus
- Testing all functions

We offer a 90-day limited warranty on all repairs.

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